ACIS Cooperation with the OSCE

An OSCE-ACIS seminar on Cooperation for Security and Development in Northeast Asia and the OSCE Experience was held in Vienna in November 2012. This seminar continued the OSCE-ACIS cooperation on a series of activities focused on a mechanism for cooperation and security in Northeast Asia and was co-organized by ACIS and Ireland as Chairman in Office of the OSCE.

Previous activities of this project: 

  • Security and Cooperation in Northeast Asia. Meeting co-organized by the Kazakhstan OSCE Chairmanship and ACIS and held in Almaty, Kazakhstan,  April 2010.
  • Multilateral Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia and the Relevance of OSCE Experience, OSCE-ACIS meeting,Vienna 2009.
  • Meeting organized in cooperation with the Finnish OSCE Chairmanship, Washington, August 2008.
  • Special session on this topic at the 4th World Peace Forum in Jeju, Republic of Korea, June 2007.

The participants in these ACIS activities have included senior officials and experts from the European Union, Japan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, OSCE, Peoples Republic of China, Russian Federation and the United States.