Multilateral Security Cooperation

The Six-Party Working Group on a Northeast Asia Peace and Security Mechanism has been discussed at various ACIS meetings.   The Six Party Joint Statement of September 19, 2005 remains a valid starting point for developing multilateral security cooperation in the region.

It is critical to establish a minimum necessary level of mutual trust, confidence and transparency in the political and military spheres.  Also needed are measures for the peaceful settlement of disputes and confidence-building measures (CBMs) adopted on a voluntary, cooperative basis to increase confidence, transparency, predictability and stability, thus reducing risks due to miscalculation or lack of information. 

Broadening the agenda from the start to include comprehensive and cooperative security. In addition to traditional security, economic development, energy and health security as well as other issues affecting security and stability would be addressed (e.g. climate change and natural disasters).  It is important to address throughout such cross-cutting issues as effective mechanisms for communication and information exchanges.