iGlobenews is a not-for-profit start-up whose funding and impetus has been provided by ACIS. The platform went online in March 2021 www.iglobenews.org 

iGlobenews is an innovative news media platform for current affairs, politics, economics and security issues. The platform was created in mid-2020 by a team of graduates of the Vienna Diplomatic Academy. iGlobenews offers analysis of major events from around the globe by writers from around the globe. 

The editorial policy of iGlobenews is to foster the exchange of ideas representing a wide range of political, economic and social views. iGlobenews encourages readers and contributors to consider many differing viewpoints with the aim of stimulating discussion on important current issues and offering new insights into their complex contexts. In addition to publishing articles, iGlobenews will in the future expand its activities to offer multimedia content such as webinars and podcasts.